Commands to verify jobs or terminate jobs

How do I know if the application or batch job I started is running?
In a terminal session, type bjobs on the command line.

For example, here is a listing for user “jdoe”:

“jdoe” has two interactive Stata sessions (stata-se, stata-mp4), an interactive Matlab session, a batch job in R and a pending interactive session in Stata-mp4. Jobs pend when users have used up their quota (80G RAM and 12 cores, concurrently) or if there aren’t any licenses currently available for an application.

To kill any running or pending job, type bkill <jobid>, for example: bkill 134806

Best practices:
• Keep open only those interactive sessions you are actively using.
• Check your listing (bjobs) often and kill sessions not in use.
• Use one interactive session of an application at a time (eg. multiple Stata sessions).
• If you have a program that takes more than an hour to run, run it in a batch job.
• Be mindful that a pending interactive job may start up when you don’t need it.