Choosing Your Resources

It is important to accurately request resources, especially memory! The Grid is a complex, shared system that must have an accurate idea of the resources your program(s) will use so that it can effectively schedule jobs. If insufficient memory is allocated, your program may crash, often in an unintelligible way; if too much memory is allocated, resources that could be used for other sessions (interactive or batch) will be wasted. Additionally, your "fairshare", a number used in calculating the priority of your job for scheduling purposes, can be adversely affected by over-requesting. Therefore it is important to be as accurate as possible when requesting cores and memory through the default application submission scripts or through custom ones.

Many scientific computing tools can take advantage of multiple processing cores, but many cannot. A typical MATLAB script, for example will not use multiple cores. On the other hand, Stata, a graphical console for statistics is improved substantially by using multiple cores, but not for every Stata function. Please read the program documentation to understand the multicore capabilities or check with the RCS staff before requesting multiple cores for a given application.