Logging In

We are running MariaDB version 5.5.52. MariaDB is an open source fork of MySQL. You may access the server by using the mysql client. The database server’s host address is rhrcssql01.hbs.edu and is accessible on port 3306.

Using the mysql client while on the Grid

To start your MariaDB session, log onto the Grid (researchgrid.hbs.edu) with your HBS intranet username and password.You may log in either with a terminal session (e.g. using Terminal on Mac or Putty on Windows) or via NoMachine. If you have logged in with NoMachine, then you will need to start a terminal session within NoMachine. To do so right-click on the desktop and select Open in Terminal

                                               logging on






Within your terminal session, the syntax for running the mysql client is:

           mysql -h HOSTNAME -u USERNAME -p

The hostname is rhrcssql01.hbs.edu, therefore we would use:

           mysql -h rhrcssql01.hbs.edu -u USERNAME –p

Once you enter the above, you will next be prompted to enter your MariaDB password, as shown below:

MariaDB password


Once logged in, you should open your working database with the use command. As an example, the user pjonak can open their personal database via

           use pjonak;

maridb password

Changing Your Password

We will be upgrading to MariaDB v10 this summer. Until the upgrade has completed, we ask users not to change their passwords. This policy has been put in place for security considerations. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.