Logging In

We are running MariaDB version 5.5.52. MariaDB is an open source fork of MySQL. The database server’s host address is rhrcssql01.hbs.edu and is accessible on port 3306.

To start your MariaDB session, log onto the Grid (researchgrid.hbs.edu) with your HBS intranet username and password.

If you’ve logged in via terminal window, enter:

       mysql –h rhrcssql01.hbs.edu –u USERNAME -p

                After you press Enter, you will be prompted to input your password

If you’ve logged in via NoMachine, right-click on the desktop and select Open in Terminal

                                               logging on






Now in the terminal, follow the instructions immediately above.

Quick Word on Data Import and Export

You may export data to a file by designating the export directory as:


                Export documentation is available here

You may import data into your assigned database from the following directory:


                Import documentation is available here

Optional Login Procedure 

Ensure that you are logged into the Grid and in a terminal window (see above). Within the terminal, run

                nano ~/.my.cnf  (please be mindful of the period at the start of .my.cnf)

This command will open a text editor to build a file called .my.cnf in your home folder. You may replace nano with your favored text editor. Enter the following content:




        database= (enter your database project name or database account username)

                 user= (enter your database account username)

                 password= (enter your database account password)


                logging on 2                               

Save and exit the text editor (in nano, hold CTRL and press X, then enter Y at the prompt to save). Now we must change file permissions to prevent anyone else from seeing your password. In the terminal, enter:

                chmod 600 ~/.my.cnf

You may now login to the database server by entering mysql without also including –h rhrcssql01.hbs.edu –u USERNAME -p