MariaDB Server Usage Instructions


Logging on

The unix server named is a dedicated server for MariaDB. Version 5.5.52 has been installed. MariaDB 5.5 is a fork of MySQL.

To start your MariaDB session, log onto using your intranet username and password. At the system  prompt, log onto the MariaDB server with the following command:

$ mysql -h -u username  -p

<you will be prompted for your MariaDB password>

Note:  the switches –h, u and -p are for the database host, user and password, respectively. Macs must log on to the VPN before logging on to the MariaDB server (either on or off campus).

Changing your password

If you choose to change your MariaDB password, please use a secure password selection strategy.

set password = password("yournewpassword");

Import and export of data to or from a database

To select data from a database for export to a text file, you should designate the export directory for the MySQL server to write the files:


If you have your own database, you may import data into your database from the following directory: