GUI login to the Grid

If you wish to use applications on the Grid via a graphical user interface (GUI), we support remote desktop sessions to the Grid using the NoMachine NX client software. Like Windows RDP or VNC running Stata on the Grid looks like running Stata on your desktop, for example. An additional application to run X11 (a long-established Unix graphics windows system) such as Xming or XQuartz is not needed. With NoMachine, Unix/Linux knowledge is not required.

Note: NoMachine also has a browser-based interface which you can connect to at: However, we've found connection speeds of the installed software to be significantly faster.

Local Client Installation

  1. Please download for Mac or PC and run the NoMachine version 6 installer application on your desktop (use all default settings during the installation).           

  2. After the desktop installation is complete, please restart your machine before proceeding.

Local Client Connection

On the Welcome page, click on “Create a new connection” and click "Continue."

On the "New connect" screen use the default Protocol setting "NX" and click "Continue." Next, enter host information for the compute grid,, on port 4000. Ensure the checkbox for UDP communication is checked and click "Continue."


On the next screen choose "Password" selected and click "Continue." Next, please check "Don't use a proxy" check and click "Continue." Select the checkbox for "Create a link on the desktop," and click "Continue."

Next click "Settings" in the top right corner, click "Privacy", and check the option "Don't show other computers on the network," and click "Done."

nm login 3 new

Highlight the connection and click "Connect."

nm login

In the window "Verify host authenticity", click "Yes." Next enter your username and password. For security purposes, do not select "Save this password."


After a few moments, and window will appear for windowing options. Click "New virtual desktop or custom session," click "Create a new GNOME virtual desktop” and click "Continue."

login settings

On the next few pages leave the default setting and check "Don't show this message again."

The virtual desktop then appears. Congrats. You are now on one of two login nodes that are the gateway to the Grid!

Configure Your Desktop

If you find that your desktop is the wrong size (e.g., is larger than the window containing it) you can adjust it via the NoMachine settings page. When you hover over the upper right corner of the screen a page peel-back icon appears. Click on the image of the peel-back.

nm new 1

Next click on "Display" and "Resize remote screen" and click "Done" twice. For more details about configuring your dispaly you may refer to the NoMachine documentation.

The Grid runs the gnome desktop and includes "Tweak Tool", a configuration utility for customizing your desktop. For example, to add icons back to your NoMachine desktop, launch Tweak Tool

gnome tweak tool

and click on the Desktop left tab (1) and turn on the Icons on Desktop option (2):

gnome tweak tool

More information about configuring NoMachine and the Gnome desktop are available in this guide.

Running Applications on the Grid

To access software on the grid, click "Applications" and select your software.

nm new 2

For more information about running starting jobs via NoMachine refer to the Grid NoMachine documentation. For a description of available software and information about custom software refer to the Grid software documentation.

Last updated 11/8/2019