Compute Grid

We are pleased to announce the opening of Compute Grid 2.5. Please see our Welcome document for more information.


The research grid offers more memory, speed, and processing power through a single entry point. Examples of use cases that will enable or accelerate research includes:

  • Running software interactively that requires computing power (RAM or CPUs) equal to or more than one's desktop or laptop.
  • Running an analysis that may take a few hours, with the ability of freeing up one's desktop or laptop for other work.
  • Analyzing or transforming large datasets sitting on the research storage spaces with computing resources local to that data.
  • Working with data in the research MariaDB database.
  • Storing, analyzing, and visualizing Level 3 or Level 4 sensitive data.
  • Running a piece of code hundreds of times for a parameter sweep, optimization, or model fitting.
  • You wish to work on research project with collaborators outside of HBS.

Technical benefits of the grid include:

  • The ability to optimize resources through load sharing, scheduling, and queuing of jobs across multiple servers
  • Access to a browser-based interface for submitting jobs in addition to the usual connection through SSH
  • Multiple servers that provide redundancy to avoid a single point of failure

HBS compute grid overview

Get started on the grid today! 

Updated on 4/11/19