Compute Grid

The research grid offers more memory, speed, and processing power through a single entry point. Examples of use cases that will enable or accelerate research includes:

  • Running software interactively that requires computing power (RAM or CPUs) equal to or more than one's desktop or laptop.
  • Running an analysis that may take a few hours, with the ability of freeing up one's desktop or laptop for other work.
  • Analyzing or transforming large datasets sitting on the research storage spaces with computing resources local to that data.
  • Working with data in the research MariaDB database.
  • Running a piece of code hundreds of times for a parameter sweep, optimization, or model fitting.

Technical benefits of the grid include:

  • The ability to optimize resources through load sharing, scheduling, and queuing of jobs across multiple servers
  • Access to a browser-based interface for submitting jobs in addition to the usual connection through SSH
  • Multiple servers that provide redundancy to avoid a single point of failure

HBS compute grid overview

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Last updated 8/1/2018