Access requires a Grid account

HBS faculty, staff, doctoral students ­

If you are a HBS faculty, staff, or a doctoral student at HBS, please contact Research Computing Services (RCS) to set up a Grid account. Account requestors will first have to fill out the HBS Compute Grid Account Agreement.


Guest accounts on the research server are available for HBS faculty members' collaborators. These are granted on a 6-month basis and may be renewed as necessary. For guest accounts both steps must be followed:

  1. Both the HBS faculty sponsor and the guest must sign the HBS Guest User Agreement. The guest should download the Agreement, initial the bottom of each page, sign the "Signature block for Guest User" on page 3, scan, and send the signed copy to the faculty sponsor for countersignature. The faculty sponsor should sign the "Signature block for certifying HBS researcher" on the bottom of page 3, scan, and send the completed Agreement to Research Computing Services.

    Please be sure that the completed Agreement includes the guest's name, work email, phone number, and work mailing address. Along with the Agreement, the faculty sponsor should specify the name of the project space that the guest will access.

  2. In addition, the guest will also have to sign the HBS Compute Grid Account Agreement.

Turn-around time for guest account requests with properly-completed paperwork is typically 24 to 48 hours, and both the guest and faculty member with be contacted via email from RCS with account and access information.


Last updated 9/27/2018