Research Databases

Relational databases have an important place in one's arsenal of research IT tools. Databases include powerful tools for search and analysis, and can handle large, complex data sets, enabling bigger research questions and opportunities, and making research data management as less complex task.

RCS hosts a database server running MariaDB v10.3, an open source fork of MySQL, to help meet these growing needs.  Our MariaDB server is a Red Hat 6.5 Linux server with 2x 16 cores hyperthreading processors and a total of 4.5TB.  RCS also can advise researchers in data storage planning, as well as the building of and interacting with their database. 

Please fill out the New MariaDB Account Request Form to obtain a database account or for any database consultation needs. And please use the navigation on the left for more information on using our MariaDB server.

Additional MariaDB Resources:


Last updated 5/9/2019