NaviCat is a user-friendly GUI for MariaDB.  To purchase a license please contact us at

Once you have Navicat you will need to create a new connection to MariaDB.  Under the File menu please select New Connection- MariaDB.  Please enter the specifications for each tab according to the following screen shots.  For the General tab please note that:

Host Name/IP Address= hostname

User = username
Password = password



For the SSL tab please select Use SSL and Use Authentication.  Make sure to specify the path to your CA Certificate:




Click Test Connection to make sure your MariaDB Connection is set up correctly.  Once the MariaDB connection is established, you should see the connection name in the left panel as shown in the screen shot below:


Double-click on the connection name to expand and open your database.  Please check out the detailed Navicat User Guide accessible via the Help menu- Navicat Premium Help for a Navicat orientation.  You are also welcomed to contact us for help.