Setting up ODBC on the Grid

The Grid already has an ODBC administration tool and appropriate ODBC drivers. However, each user needs to configure each of their ODBC connections within one .odbc.ini file in their home directory. The .odbc.ini file is described in detail in the ODBC Configuration Files section.  To check if you already have this file, please run the following command

ls -a ~/ | grep *odbc.ini 

If no results are returned, then you will need to create one or request a template from RCS. If you do have an odbc.ini file, then you will need to confirm whether you have an existing connection with correct parameters or you will need to add a new connection. For more details, please see the .odbc.ini section of ODBC Configuration Files.

Once your .odbc.ini file is ready for testing, please take a moment to confirm which dsn you will be using for your ODBC connection. The dsn is the connection group, as described in the .odbc.ini section referenced above. With the dsn in hand, run the following command on the Grid, replacing DSN with your dsn.

isql DSN

You will hopefully get a "Connected!" message  indicating the connection was successful. If you did connect, then enter quit; to exit the isql console. If you did not connect, then please confirm you are using the correct dsn and that the parameters are correctly set. Please contact RCS at for assistance.