Setting up ODBC for Windows Users

While MariaDB has developed an ODBC driver, the most-recently-tested version does not support SSL connections and therefore will not work. Subsequently, we recommend Windows users download and install the latest MySQL connector at

You will be asked to select your OS version for the proper installer.  If you are unsure of which system type is on your machine, then please run the following command ithin the Command Prompt:   

wmic os get osarchitecture


Once you have the system type, please select the appropriate OS Version on the MySQL Connector page for the proper installer.  In the example below we are selecting the MSI Installer for Windows (x86, 64-bit):

mysql connector select installer

For convenience, please select the MSI installer.  You might then be taken to the "Begin Your Download" page.  You do not need to sign up for any account. You can simply scroll down to the bottom and select "No thanks, just start my download".

mysql odbc install2

Once you have downloaded the installer, run it. When asked to select Typical, Complete, or Custom, please select Typical.  If you do run into issues with the Typical download you can come back and select Complete.  The example here will be based on the Typical install. 

mysql odbc install3

After the installation has completed, you will need to configure your ODBC data sources with the ODBC Administrator.  Windows has a built-in ODBC administration tool. To access it, click on the Windows Start button, type "data sources" and then select Data Sources (ODBC) as shown below. For users with a Windows version earlier than Windows 7, you may not have this tool. Instead, you will use 32 Bit Administration Tool.

Windows ODBC setup

Within the ODBC Administrator window, please verify that the MySQL ODBC connector is present under the Drivers tab.

mysql odbc install4

Next, switch to the User DSN tab, click Add..., and then select the appropriate MySQL ODBC connector (there may be two versions of the driver, ANSI and Unicode, in which case RCS recommends using ANSI) followed by clicking on Finished

mysql odbc install5

A new window will open to configure your Data Source.  Configuring your Data Source should be straightforward. The required fields, as shown below, are:

      Data Source Name = Any name may be used, but please do not include spaces
      TCP/IP Server = Our MariaDB host name
      User = MariaDB username
      Password = MariaDB password
      Database = You may leave this blank. It is recommended to use your personal database

Please contact RCS if you do not know the MariaDB host name.  

Please be sure to click on Test to validate your connection settings!

mysql odbc install6

Now you should see your newly created Data Source Name under the User DSN tab.  Click OK and you are done!

mysql odbc install8