SAS on your Local Windows Machine

SAS uses ODBC to connect to MariaDB.  Please refer to our ODBC section on how to set up your ODBC driver and configure your Data Source.

Once your connection settings are validated you may launch SAS and assign your MariaDB database in the libname statement.  In the example below 'myMariaDB' points to a personal database while 'projectMariaDB' points to a project database.  In the first libname statement datasrc= 'RCS_MariaDB' refers to the personal database that was already set up in ODBC Data Source; and datasrc= 'MariaDB2' in the second libname statement refers to the project database that was also established in ODBC Data Source. 

libname myMariaDB odbc user= 'username' password= 'password' datasrc= 'RCS_MariaDB';

libname projectMariaDB odbc user= 'username' password= 'password' datasrc= 'MariaDB2';

Once your libname statements are successfully run you can continue on with your SAS codes.