Connecting from Terminal

You can connect to MariaDB from Terminal.  You would need to first log into the grid.  For detailed instructions on grid login please refer to grid access via Terminal.  

Once your terminal session is running, you can connect to the MariaDB server using a command similar to the following:

mysql -h hostname -u username -p

Each of these options does the following:

-u username: use your MariaDB account user name sent to you by a RCS staff here.   

-p: nothing needed. This indicates that once prompted you need to supply your MariaDB password sent to you by a RCS staff.

-h hostname: substitute the hostname of the MariaDB server given to you by the RCS staff

Once the above mysql command is entered you will be prompted to enter your MariaDB password.  When you see a message similar to the screen shown below you have successfully logged into MariaDB.

MariaDB login page