C. How can I run Jupyter Notebooks on the HBSGrid

Jupyter Notebooks are a common form of scientific analysis and communication using a web-browser front-end and a language/analysis engine on the back-end (usually Python).

Unfortunately, running Jupyter Notebooks on the HBSGrid is not allowed at this time. This is due to their client-server architecuture, our secure-data environment, and the inability to provide a simple, turnkey, secure setup for any user.

RCS is currently working with HBS IT and IT Security to review options in order to provide similar services or secure setups given the constraints of our environment. Althought not ideal, the Python IDE Spyder, which is provided on the HBSGrid cluster, can be via "Run Selected Code" or "Run Current Line" menu items to emulate running a Jupyter Notebooks code cell.

Please contact RCS if you should have any questions.

Updated 8/4/2020