B. I launched an application in NoMachine or the terminal. Why isn't it running?

There are several reasons why an application may not appear to be running:

  • All of the licenses for the application may be in use by others.
  • More commonly, you may have reached the resource limit on your account (# of CPUs or memory limit).
  • If the compute grid is busy, there many not be enough RAM or CPUs on any of the compute nodes to run your application.


Open a terminal session and type bjobs on the command line (details here). Look for line where the STATus is PEND. Type bjobs -l JOBID (replace JOBID with the ID of the job that is PENDing. Look for the PENDING REASONS section to understand why your job is not running.

See Use Cases and User Limits or Monitoring Job Progress in Running Jobs for more information.

See also: B. Running Jobs