A. NoMachine NX is reporting "connection" or "access error" messages

Sorry to say, our NoMachine NX GUI login can be very particular at times. You may receive connection errors, access denied errors, or the like. A few simple steps may remedy the problem:

  • As noted in the other access FAQ, ensure you are on the VPN if needed.
  • Try connecting via the terminal. If not successful, ensure that you're using the correct username / password combination. Otherwise, contact RCS.
  • If successful in connecting via terminal, issue the command clean-nx-homedir in the terminal window, and try connecting via NoMachine again.
  • As a last attempt, quit NoMachine. Remove the .nx directory present in your home folder on your Mac or PC, and try connecting via NoMachine again.

If you still cannot get in, please contact RCS.

See also: A. Logging In