C. How can I use the latest version of R or RStudio?

The current installation on the HBS compute grid for RStudio is v0.99.99 and its companion R version is v3.1.2, the latest that this version of RStudio can fully support. We are aware that these are not recent versions: this is an unfortunate result due to limitations of the operating system (OS) and how software installations are managed on the compute grid. We are currently working with HBS IT find a solution to overcome this limation, which we hope to have remedied by late fall 2018.

In the meantime, if you require a more current version of R within this version of RStudio, you have the option of installing your own copy of R in your home directory and pointing RStudio to that as its compute engine.

Note: Do this at your own risk, and RCS cannot provide support for configurations like this. Furthermore, some users have reported errors when RStudio is launched with an unsupported version of R, and some functions such as graphing and plotting do not work properly. However, all else seems to work perfectly fine.

To use a later version of R with RStudio v0.99.99:

  1. Follow our instructions for installing your own copy of R in your home or project directory. This requires use of a terminal and Unix commands.
  2. In the terminal, enter the following command to specify the path to the version of R you want RStudio to use, substituting the path in your home or project folder where the R binary is located:
    export RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=/export/faculty/jharvard/bin/R/3.3.2/bin/R
  3. In the same terminal window, start RStudio with the following command:

Updated 20Jun2017