RCS offers a number commonly used software packages, both open-source and commercial, for use on the HBSGrid:

  • R & RStudio
  • Python (v2 and v3) and the IDE Spyder
  • Stata
  • SAS
  • Mathematica
  • StatTransfer
  • GitKraken

as well as other software titles that are a standard part of the Linux OS and GUI environment (RHEL v7 and Gnome v3).

To get started, either select the software from the list in the Applications menu in NoMachine (with the Gnome Linux desktop), simply type the software name in your terminal window to use a wrapper (default submission) script, or use a custom submission script with the appropriate path or module load.

Note: Please see our Software Modules page on how we are now managing software titles.

If you do not see a software title that you need, you may either install the software for yourself, or let us know if there is software that you believe will benefit many users by submitting a software install request. Please give as many details as possible to facilitate the request.

Please see the navigation to the left of this page for more details on software installed on the HBSGrid.

Updated 7/7/2020