The Grid offers several commonly used software packages including R, Stata, Matlab, SAS, Stat/Transfer, and more. To get started, either select the software from the list of applications on NoMachine, or simply type the software name in your terminal window. For more information, please see our Installing Software on the Grid page, and other guided documentation. 

We currently have the following software titles installed on the HBSGrid:

  • R & RStudio
  • Python (v2 and v3) and the IDE Spyder
  • Stata
  • SAS
  • Mathematica
  • StatTransfer
  • GitKraken

as well as other software titles that are a standard part of the Linux OS and GUI environment (RHEL v7 and Gnome v3).

Please see the navigation to the left of this page for more details on software installed on the HBSGrid.