Compute Grid 2.5 Info

March 13, 2019

Based on both research computing trends and recommendations from the HBS research computing environment assessment, RCS in partnership with HBS launched the Grid 2.5 last December. This new compute grid provides a number of updates and enhancements that improve compute capacity with fewer restrictions, increased work safeguards, and both GUI and command-line programs to increase research capabilities for programming, statistics, and research data management.

How could you benefit from using the compute grid?

  • Running software interactively that requires computing power (RAM or CPUs) equal to or more than one's desktop or laptop.
  • Running an analysis that may take a few hours, with the ability of freeing up one's desktop or laptop for other work.
  • Analyzing or transforming large datasets sitting on the research storage spaces with computing resources local to that data.
  • Working with sensitive / confidential data; or structured / large datasets in a relational database
  • Running a piece of code hundreds of times for a parameter sweep, optimization, or model fitting.

Contact RCS if you are interested or have any questions.