Compute Grid 2.5 Update

October 25, 2018
In our previous newsletter we announced our new computing environment, Grid 2.5, with an anticipated release of this fall. The new compute environment provides:
  • Improved compute capacity through more hardware and better using of existing hardware
  • Fewer restrictions on compute capacity while preventing CPU spillover
  • Newer OS and software versions, and improved usability
  • More software titles, including GitKraken (for version control) and Spyder, a Python IDE
  • Better command-line submission scripts, to improve productivity.
We're happy to report that the testing has been going smoothly, and we are still on track to begin a transition to the new environment within the next two months. We will send out a formal announcement and transition plan next week.
Please contact RCS if you would like to begin using the new environment immediately as an early adopter!