Grid Maintenance - September 2018

September 7, 2018

Dear Compute Grid User,

This is a reminder that the next monthly Compute Grid maintenance is scheduled for Monday, September 17th, from 8am until 12pm. Please note that this maintenance does not fall under the usual first Monday of the month AND we have pushed back the date from the originally rescheduled date (Mon, 9/10).

How will this affect you?

· All sessions to the login nodes will be terminated, including terminal and NoMachine sessions

· All interactive sessions/jobs will be terminated

· You will not be able to login to the Compute Grid

· You will not be able to use NoMachine

The actual work being performed is:

· The terminal and NoMachine login nodes will be rebooted

· Stata will be upgraded to version 15

Upcoming training opportunities:

9/24 Compute Grid Training - Attendance is now required for both HBS and guest account compute users within two months of obtaining a grid account. If you have not attended a training yet, register for the next session on Monday, 9/24 at For guest users, please contact to register.

Compute Grid tip: Schedule Recurring Work

Do you have a need to do a task on a routine, regular basis? Doing this work on the compute grid is a great way to free up your desktop or laptop! Normally one would use the 'cron' feature -- typically called cron jobs -- on a login node, but this is not allowed. Instead, use the scheduler on the compute grid to run your script, ensuring that your script runs for at least a minute. Before your code exits, have the script submit itself as a job and adding the -b option to the bsub line, specifying a particular time (e.g. -b 9:00 or -b 13:00). This will ensure that your script will run at the same time every day. Please contact RCS if you want more information.

We thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we make improvements to the research grid. Our next first-Monday-of-the-month maintenance will occur on Monday, October 1st 2018. If you have any questions/comments, please email us at

Thank you,

Research Computing Services