HBS Departure Checklist

June 7, 2017

In preparation to leave HBS, we'd like to bring to your attention the following RCS-related departure checklist that may require action on your part before losing network access.

  • HBS licenses – Have you removed HBS-issued research software?

Due to the licensing agreements with our software vendors, any HBS-licensed research software that has been installed on personal (non-HBS-issued) laptops or desktops should be removed. Any software installers and/or license keys should be deleted and/or destroyed. If you plan to purchase your HBS laptop, TSS will remove all HBS productivity software for you; you may need to remove any HBS-licensed research software yourself.


  • Compute grid – Have you requested a guest user account (if needed)?

Compute grid accounts will remain active as long as your directory entry (and hence your appointment) is active, after which time you will no longer have access. Should you need to continue using the compute grid after June 30th due to active collaborations, you will need to obtain a Guest Account, which requires a faculty sponsor. Please see http://grid.rcs.hbs.org/creating-grid-account#guests on our website about the Guest Account process.


  • Research Storage – Have you transferred/archived data in your home directory and project spaces?

Access to research storage project spaces is concurrent with your email access. Again, if you are collaborating with HBS personnel, obtaining a Guest Account will permit continued access. If you choose not to obtain a Guest Account, then your (research storage) home folder associated with the compute grid in addition to research project spaces will to be cleaned up and/or removed.


If you are the primary person in the project space, but the project needs to continue, then a remaining faculty member (or suitable equivalent) can assume primary responsibility. Please contact RCS to do so. If you are not the primary person, please make arrangements with the primary faculty member of that space in regards to obtaining an appropriate copy (in part or in full) of the work.


We strongly suggest that you allocate adequate time (i.e. months) in advance of your departure to archive/copy files yourself, as you know your data better than anyone else.  Easiest methods to do this are backing up to an (encrypted) external drive or to a cloud location if the DUA/HRCI level permit this. If needed, RCS and TSS can assist in making appropriate copies of data, given proper authorization and notice not less than 90 days prior to departure. Late or last minute requests will be accommodated as best as possible, but will be prioritized with other current projects and deadlines. Please see http://grid.rcs.hbs.org/archive-your-research-files on our website for more information on archiving and removing your files.


  • MariaDB – Have you transferred data from your research databases?

Similar to your project spaces, data contained in the RCS MariaDB will need to be removed if no longer being used. Please contact RCS as soon as possible to obtain an SQL dump of this information which can be transferred similarly to your research storage.


Several items on the checklist may require correspondence with our team, especially regarding your data. We encourage you to tie up these loose ends as soon as possible. Please reach out to us if you require additional assistance getting started.