New password protocol for grid guest account users

March 29, 2018

Every year, HBS IT requires that users change their passwords for security protocol. As a guest of HBS, you will be getting the following email below once you hit the one year mark of using HBS resources. Please note that the procedure for changing your password is different from the instructions outlined below because you do not have access to the “myHBS” portal.

Instead, please follow this link to change your password:

Please send us an email at if you have any questions.



Your HBS account password (for the account '') *will expire in 30 days*, at *XXXXX* on *XXXXX*. You may change your password at any time before it expires. If you do not change your password before it expires, your account will be inaccessible until you make the update.

For directions to change your password:

  1. Go to *myHBS*.
  2. Click *Departments*.
  3. Select *Information Technology* from the alphabetical list displayed.
  4. Click the *How To* tab.
  5. Select *Security & Passwords* from the alphabetical list displayed.
  6. Select the *Changing your Password* link to the left of the window.
  7. Please closely follow the instructions for changing your password, and, if possible, change your password while on campus.

If you have any questions about this message or about changing your HBS password, please feel free to contact TSS at 5-6600 or ''.

Thank you,

Technology Support Services

Note: We did not include a link to the instructions for changing passwords so that you do not confuse this message with the numerous SPAM messages that are frequently sent to HBS community members.

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