New Software on the Compute Grid

May 17, 2019

We are excited to annnounce that we are in the process of installing some additional software on the grid to make the environment more research-friendly. This will include: 

  • PDF viewers, such as xPDF and Evince 
  • GitKraken, a Git GUI for version control
  • Atom, a lightweight, full-featured text editor

If you have suggestions/requests for other types of software, please send us an email at research@hbs....

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Update to R on Grid 2.5

November 16, 2018

Thanks again for being an early adopter of the new compute grid. As we’re about to open officially on Monday, we would like to take this opportunity to update the central R / RStudio installation for a number of reasons. We would do this work early in the day on Monday, and it would upgrade R to 3.5.1, from 3.4.2. (Note that this update would require an update/reinstall of any R packages that had been compiled.)


RCS Staff


Summer 2018 Software Renewals

June 11, 2018
Later this month you should receive emails from RCS regarding software renewal update instructions if you are an HBS/Harvard licensed user of MATLAB, Mathematica, and SAS. Please note that you may start to receive expiration notices when launching the software, which you can ignore; or you may be required to sign into your account with the software vendor to refresh or reactivate your license. We are working very closely with the vendors to expedite this update process as best as possible.

MATLAB users should be aware of exciting new features available in the latest R2018a release,... Read more about Summer 2018 Software Renewals