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Compute Grid Tip of the Month - April 2017

March 30, 2017

Turn those icons off!

If you are using project spaces and home folders on the research storage (part of the HBS compute grid), it is likely that you will need to access these while not on the HBS campus. If you are mapping drives or mounting shared folders, the default settings in both Windows and Mac OS may be working against you, as the OS will try to present the files to you with an icon of the contents. This takes much more time to display in Finder or Explorer windows that simple generic file icons, especially over the VPN.... Read more about Compute Grid Tip of the Month - April 2017

Compute Grid Tip of the Month - March 2017

March 3, 2017

Choose your resources efficiently

Using the HBS Compute Grid is a great opportunity to scale your research beyond what you can do on a desktop or laptop. But, as a shared resource, we all have a responsibility to use the resources appropriately. The biggest impediment we face is Grid users over-requesting RAM and CPUs: once requested and allocated, these are not returned to the general pool until your job has finished or you have quit your program in the interactive session (the programs from the Applications drop-down menu in NoMachine). So, if you ask for more resources than your job or program needs, those “extra” resources are, in effect, wasted/unavailable to be used by other users. Please help other users out by choosing your resources efficiently when running jobs and program (“Take What You Need, but Need What You Take”).... Read more about Compute Grid Tip of the Month - March 2017

Compute Grid Tip of the Month - February 2017

February 1, 2017

Setting up aliases

Using shortcuts can save time. These statements can be added to the file named '.bashrc' in your home directory. Here are three examples. The lines starting with '#' are comments and are optional.

# detailed directory listing

alias ll="ls -la"

# quick route to my project space

alias jh="cd /export/projects/jharvard_res_project"

# start the emacs editor

alias emacs="emacs -nw"

Compute Grid Tip of the Month - January 2017

December 21, 2016

Where Am I?

The Unix terminal is a very customizable environment. One easy customization is to change your static, uninformative default bash command prompt "[jharvard@researchgrid]$" to update and show you where you are when you change directories. Please see the HOW-TO on our HBS Research Computing Environment website at http://grid.rcs.hbs.org/change-your-unix-command-prompt-now.


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