Resolving RSTUDIO_WHICH_R issue

September 20, 2019

Since moving to Grid v2.5 we offer R v3.5.1 centrally, which might be more new than what you have in your home directory. And the RStudio launch script from the NoMachine drop-down menu will run our centrally-installed RStudio (also newer).

If you had used a local R install (== miniconda in your home folder), to transition to the central one, you'll need to do the following:

1) if your .bashrc or .bash_profile had a command to export the RSTUDIO_WHICH_R, please comment out this line and then restart all your terminal & NoMachine sessions. This will force RStudio to use the centrally-installed R.

2) once you've launched RStudio, you'll need to reinstall any special packages you had in your miniconda install. We have installed most of the common ones (dplyr, ggplot, tidyverse, etc).

3) You will need to update any scripts you might use that reference any hard-coded paths in your miniconda install.

Please email us if you have any additional questions.