RCS Acceptable Use of Resources


  • Please do not store backups of your desktop or laptop data on the research storage, as this high-capacity, high-availability storage is expensive. Please use the HBS-supplied Connect Backup for backup purposes, a free cloud service (e.g. CrashPlan) if your data is not considered HRCI Level 3 or higher, or consider purchasing an external hard drive from your local electronics vendor.

  • Please attend to any automated messages concerning "Out of Space" or "Over Quota" problems. These are not spam, and if ignored, may result in loss of data, for which neither RCS nor HBS IT is responsible.

  • Please keep your project spaces clean and lean. See our document on archiving data within home folders or project spaces for more information (http://grid.rcs.hbs.org/archive-your-research-files).

  • Data with HRCI classifications higher than level 3 should not be stored in project folders or home directories not approved for that classification level. Please contact RCS if you have any questions or concerns.

  • If reading/writing large amounts of files with large numbers of simultaneous compute grid jobs, please consider using the /export/scratch storage or storage local to the compute node, so that other home & project folders users are not adversely affected. Please contact RCS if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Ensure that you've familiarized yourself with our documentation on the compute grid and have attended the required training(s). (Please note that if you did not take the required trainings in the required time frame, your access will be revoked). The time invested will more than make up for the time saved.

  • As the login nodes are the gateway for everyone to the compute grid, don't run any processes on these computers. Please use the drop-down menus, wrapper commands, or LSF job commands to have your work performed on the back-end compute nodes.

  • Be as accurate as possible when requesting CPU core counts or memory for jobs. Access to this shared resource depends on everyone honoring "Take what you need, and Need what you take."

  • Ensure that you routinely monitor your interactive and batch jobs, such that you may terminate them if they become idle or stall. Remember that resources 'in use' are not available to anyone else.

  • If planning large numbers of parallels or multicore jobs, please ensure that you've done scaling tests first to confirm that your code is correct and core usage is appropriate.

  • Again, usage is intended only for legitimate purposes which benefit the research at Harvard University.


  • Data with HRCI classifications should not be stored in any database not approved for that classification level. Please contact RCS if you have any questions or concerns.

  • For large or complex queries, please the EXPLAIN term or try to scale your work appropriately so that you do not adversely affect other MariaDB users.


  • Software licensed for you via HBS or on the compute grid is for your use only. Please do not allow others to have access. And especially do not share your account credentials (username and/or password) to do so.

  • Don't install or run software that you do not trust or cannot verify the authenticity of the source.