Running Older Versions of Software

Note: There are some change to this document for Grid 2.5. Please see below and in-context. Please contact RCS with any questions. 

Grid 2.5: At this time, older versions of the software are not supported.

Wrapper scripts are used to run software on the HBS compute grid when you select a menu item from the Applications menu in NoMachine, or by typing matlab in the terminal window. When software is upgraded, older versions of software are still able to be used, because previous default wrapper scripts are saved on the grid. You can see a list of all the wrappers on the login nodes at /usr/local/bin/ .

You can run older versions by following the formula: base command + year  + -memory allotment . For example, to run the previous version of Matlab, you can type:


If you do not see wrapper scripts for older versions of the software, not to worry ... you can still do so, but you will need to write the one-line command yourself.

For example, if you wish to run the version of R that had been recently the default (v3.0.2), you would submit the following command in your terminal window:

bsub -q interactive -app R-5g -P R -Ip -n 1 /usr/local/bin/R/R-3.0.2/bin/R $*

The first boldface option indicates the application profile. This will be R, MATLAB, STATA, etc. suffixed by the RAM amount you wish to reserve (-5g, -10g, -20g, -30g ). 

The second option in boldface is the path to the older software version you wish to run. If you are working in a shell on a compute node (not the login node), you will see all the software installed at /usr/local/apps/ , and you should be able to determine the correct execute path by looking around in those subdirectories.

Of course, if you have any questions, please contact the RCS Staff .