Using Software

Because of the diversity of investigations currently supported by HBS RCS, it is impossible to include all of these tools in every user's environment.

The default submission scripts provide access to commonly used applications with predefined configurations. But these same applications, programs pre-installed with the OS and standard Linux distributions, as well as software and scripts that you've installed locally, can be used in your LSF interactive and batch jobs.

By default, when you log in to your account, the default PATH variable, a Unix variable that defines where the system should look to find commands that you enter, points to commonly used and installed Unix and 3rd party software. This includes (but is not limited to) commands like mv, cp, and the system installed python and R. Anything outside of these locations must be referenced by a full pathname to execute the program.

Paths to some of the commonly installed applications and programming environments that are in the default PATH include:

matlab(and matlab_2014a, matlab_2015a)
stata-se (and the GUI xstata-se)
stata-mp4 (and the GUI xstata-mp4)
stata-mp8 (and the GUI xstata-mp8)

This list is not exhaustive; look around the filesystem, especially /usr/local/bin, to see what else is in the default PATH.

Any programs that you install in your home or project folders will need to be reference by full pathname unless you include this in your PATH, either as a part of your submission script or by including the PATH assignment in your .bashrc login script.

Note: Most modern compute clusters use a module system to load software into your environment and provide version control. We are currently investigating its use for the HBS Grid.